Find Out What's The Trade-In Value Of Your Vehicle

Trading in your vehicle is simple with our trade-in value estimator tool. At Wheaton Cadillac, we accept leased vehicle trade-ins as well as trade-ins on most vehicles. Once we have determined your vehicle's trade-in amount, we can apply the balance towards your next purchase. We are currently offering the best value for your trade-in and are looking to increase our used inventory.

What Is Trade-In Value?

The trade-in value of any car is the amount of monetary value you are likely to get if you sell it to the dealership. To find out how much your trade-in vehicle is worth, use our estimate trade-in tool found under our auto financing tools. Depending on the make and model of your car, you can receive more for your vehicle.

Tips To Improve Your Cars Trade-In Value

Maximize your vehicle's potential value and get the most money for your trade-in; there are several things you can do ahead of time. Mileage can play a role in your car's value, be sure to consider a trade-in while the kilometres are still low. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the interior and exterior of your vehicle of clutter or dirt. If you see any surface scratches or other minor damage, we recommend having these small details cleaned up to overshadow the vehicle's value.

The Trade-In Process

After a salesperson collects the vehicle's information, they usually will go through checklists, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle. The goal is to determine how much reconditioning costs will be and how many discrepancies will lower your trade value.

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Contact us at Wheaton Cadillac to talk with one of our sales representatives about trading in your vehicle. If you are thinking about financing, apply for our online finance application for pre-approval.