5 Things to Know About Crisis Assist


5 Things to Know About Crisis Assist

Crisis Assist is the technological equivalent of an emergency kit. Severe weather and natural disasters are hard to predict. Be prepared for the worst with Crisis Assist. Whether you're looking for up-to-date information about a crisis or need assistance during an emergency, Crisis Assist Help is available to you 24/7. Here are five things you should know about OnStar Crisis Assist Canada.

  1. A Button Away

Our OnStar Emergency-Certified advisors are just a button away. Whether you need police, fire, or ambulance services, just push the red Emergency button to get help. Our Emergency-Certified Advisors will also be able to guide you in critical medical situations until First Responders arrive.

  1. You Are Our Priority

OnStar Crisis Assist will provide you with the kind of assistance you need, even if it's just helping you contact a loved one to make sure they're okay. Whether you need routing assistance or are looking for the nearest hotel room or shelter, Crisis Assist will help provide you with the kind of help you need.

  1. Always With You

You can access OnStar safety services through an app on your smartphone as well. The app can detect a crash, alert advisors, connect you to Roadside Assistance, and help you view the location of loved ones.

  1. Stay Informed

OnStar Crisis Alert has a Command Centre that monitors severe weather and disaster situations 24/7, gathers critical information, such as instructions from your local authorities, and keeps you up to date.

  1. All Kinds of Emergencies

Crisis Assist can help in all kinds of emergency situations, from a natural disaster to a power outage and more. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can rely on Crisis Assist.

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