Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance in Saskatoon, SK

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance

Take care of your car in the short run, and it will take care of you in the long run. The Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance Plan Canada ensures your vehicle gets regular maintenance at our dealership at minimal cost to you. Regular maintenance increases your car's lifetime and maximizes resale value. With all maintenance done at our dealership's Service Centre, you can trust that you're getting the best quality service and genuine parts.

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance: What's included?

Avoid large and expensive vehicle issues or replacements through routine maintenance. At Wheaton Cadillac in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we strive to keep you safe, and that means keeping your car running at optimum levels. Get Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance for four years or 80,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, when you purchase or lease a new Cadillac from our new inventory. That includes a complimentary service visit and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection (MPVI). Services offered under the Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance program include:

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance Air Filter Replacement

Another significant contributor to the life and efficiency of your vehicle's engine is the engine air filter. Premium Care Maintenance will replace your engine air cleaner filters two times with genuine replacement parts. You can also improve the quality of the air you breathe in the interior cabin by changing the passenger air compartment filters one time under this program.

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance Tire Rotation

Rotating your vehicle's tires is an excellent way to prolong their life. It involves switching the positions of your tires to keep the tread wear balanced and ensure optimal performance. This is a great way to get the most out of your tires. Rotating your tires also allows increases safety, efficiency, and handling. Tire rotations should be performed every 12,000 km. Premium Care Maintenance includes eight tire rotations to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance Vehicle Health Check

Keep everything running in peak condition with a routine vehicle check that will ensure minor issues are sorted out before they turn into big problems. We will inspect your brakes, battery, and all critical systems. Rely on our trained experts to check your tire wear and alignment, windshield and wiper blades, and fluid levels.

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance Oil Change

Regularly changing your vehicle's oil is incredibly important to the health of your engine. It lubricates the engine's moving parts, clears out debris, and improves your vehicle's gas mileage. The motor oil and filter must be changed at least once a year. This program includes up to eight oil changes for your Cadillac.

Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance: Eligibility

Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance provides eligible customers who have purchased, leased, or financed in Canada a new eligible Cadillac vehicle with a variety of maintenance services. To ensure your services are covered, schedule them according to your owner's manual recommended maintenance times. Contact our Friendly Service Team to learn more about what's covered and eligibility requirements.

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Put your trust in Cadillac. From vehicles with the latest safety features, aftercare through the Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance to Cadillac Roadside Assistance, genuine parts, and expert service at our dealership, you can be confident in choosing Cadillac to be part of your future. Visit us to experience the joy of driving worry-free.

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