What Do I Need to Use Super Cruise?

Super Cruise is the first true hands-free driving assistance tool that employs various features to provide convenient hands-free driving. The technology is an exclusive Cadillac technology. Even though this is a hands-free driving feature, equipped with technological tools for safety, the driver is still required to be attentive when using it.

Supercruise Connected Services

Requisites For Using The Super-Cruise Feature

A variety of tools, features and favourable conditions must be met before using the Super Cruise feature. These include:

Cadillac Connected Services

An eligible Cadillac Connected Services plan is the first essential requirement to operate the Super Cruise. This feature entails an active plan, cell reception, and GPS satellite signal. The plan varies with each Cadillac model, and real-time data connection is essential for real-time map updates. All the Super Cruise-enabled cars usually come with three years of active connectivity, which afterwards you have to purchase one.

Driving Assistance Tools

Together with the Service plan, certain features need to be activated for the Super Cruise to run. These include; turning ON the Adaptive Cruise Control (regulates acceleration, deceleration and braking), setting the Forward Collision System to ALERT and BRAKE, and deactivating the Teen Driver feature OFF.

Driving Conditions

The following conditions are essential before using the Super Cruise: The vehicle should be on a divided highway; the highway should be compatible too; Lane markings must be visible and should not be impeded by unfavourable weather conditions or blinding lights. The camera and radar sensors must be functional and not blocked or impeded. The driver appears attentive, as reflected on the Driver Attention Camera.


Super Cruise has its limitations since it's only employed to steer and maintain lane position. It does not prevent accidents or warn of impending accidents. It does not respond to any impediments, oncoming traffic, crossing pedestrians, or changing lanes. Therefore, driver concentration must be optimal.

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