2024 Cadillac XT6 Technology and Safety Features

Cadillac XT6 Technology and Safety Features

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Cadillac was founded in 1903, which places it among the oldest carmakers worldwide. Not by chance, a Cadillac won the very first Car of the Year Award. The uncompromising dedication to excellence earned it the reputation of “the most precise car factory in the world.”

These days, Cadillac is a division of General Motors, but its commitment to developing high-end vehicles hasn’t flinched. The new 2024 Cadillac XT6 is packed with innovative technology and safety features. Learn more about them in this article. 

Cadillac Smart System

Cadillac Smart System

The Cadillac Smart System includes a suite of driving-assistance and safety features. The array of technology packed into this system can be divided into four major categories: Monitoring, Alerts, Parking Assistance, and Emergency Braking. Check out the features that make the new XT6 a leader in the SUV market.


The 2024 XT6 comes with vehicle diagnostics and a Teen Driver mode. The diagnostics system provides updated information about the car’s conditions and operating systems. However, this feature isn’t standard for all models, so you may have to arrange a retrofit with your dealer. You’ll also need to upgrade for on-demand diagnostics if you want.

The Teen Driver mode offers an extra level of safety for those who are still getting used to driving. It has a unique key fob that activates some safety features automatically. For instance, it mutes the radio while front-seat passengers don’t fasten their seatbelts. It also gives feedback on the teen driver’s performance and promotes healthy driving habits among new drivers.


The forward collision alert comes standard to warn drivers about possible front-end collisions, giving them time to avoid danger. Also, the tailgate alert will tell you if the vehicle behind you is unsafely close. 

Parking Assistance

Parking is a no-brainer with the rear park assist. This warns about vehicles and objects around your parking spot. It helps prevent rear-end collisions when the vehicle is at a slow speed in reverse mode. There’s also an HD rear vision camera, delivering a high-resolution image overlapped by the vehicle’s projected trajectory. 

Emergency Braking

The emergency braking system helps you avoid collisions or mitigate their severity. It includes front pedestrian braking, warning you about people walking in front of the vehicle, and it can brake automatically in such cases. This system works more efficiently during the daytime and when the vehicle speeds are between 8 km/h and 80 km/h. 

The automatic braking system complements the functions of the front collision warning system, which can mitigate and help avoid front-end collisions with other vehicles ahead of you. Similarly to the front pedestrian braking system, this feature works best during the day and at speeds up to 80 km/h.

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