Benefits of Changing to Winter Tires

Wheaton Cadillac - Benefits of Changing to Winter Tires

Benefits of Changing to Winter Tires:

Winter driving can be challenging. Unexpected snowstorms, freezing rain, and extreme cold affect both the roads and your vehicle. Summer tires and all-season tires don't hold up well when those Canadian winters hit. At Wheaton Cadillac in Saskatoon, SK, we strive to keep you safe on the road. Safely navigate slippery, snow-covered roads with winter tires. Winter tires are specifically designed to perform during heavy snowfalls and on icy roads. Here's why you should ditch the all-season tires for winter tires:

Flexibility and Grip:

Temperature fluctuations have a huge impact on how tires perform. The rubber in all-season and summer tires hardens at around 7 degrees Celsius, significantly reducing their grip on the road. Winter tires stay flexible in sub-zero conditions, which allows the tires to better grip the road.

Better Traction:

Winter tires have deeper grooves and a more defined tread pattern that offer better traction on snow and ice. They're designed to reduce snow build-up, expel water, and bite into ice, which minimizes the chance of the car sliding.

Improved Braking:

Winter tires have a 30% better braking distance than all-season tires. While stiff all-season tires might skid over cold or slippery surfaces, proper winter tires stay soft and keep your vehicle stable. Shop new winter tires in Saskatoon, SK, and find top-quality parts at our dealership.

Hydroplane Resistance:

Hydroplaning is when water on the road causes your tires to lose contact with the road and skid over the water and ice. The traction and deep grooves on winter tires push water to the sides and reduce the chances of sliding on slippery roads.

Ready for winter

Get ready for winter driving and buy winter tires in Saskatoon, SK. If you're wondering: Do I still need winter tires if I have All-Wheel Drive? How does the cold weather affect my tires' air pressure? Why should I get four winter tires rather than two? Contact us to get answers to these questions and more. Our expert staff at our Service Centre will fit your vehicle with the right tires and advise you on how to properly maintain your vehicle during the winter months, as well as the benefits of changing to winter tires!

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