Onstar Technology - Automatic Crash Response

The OnStar Guardian App Mobile Crash Response is a fantastic feature to have when driving a Cadillac model from our new inventory at Wheaton Cadillac, as it adds another layer of safety and security. You will find OnStar across our lineup, offering many excellent features to improve safety on the road.

How to Use Super Cruise

OnStar Guardian App Mobile Crash Response Overview

Once you have the Guardian app on your smartphone, it will utilize its sensors to detect a crash and alert one of the many Emergency-Certified Advisors to initiate contact with you. If necessary, they can also contact First Responders and provide them with your exact location to get you the quickest help possible. You can also add up to seven family members, giving them full access to the Guardian apps' many features.


How does Mobile Crash Response work?

The Mobile Crash Response uses your smartphone's sensors to detect when you are in a vehicle, enabling the feature once you travel at a sufficient speed and time. It can detect the shocks of most impacts, alerting OnStar Advisors if required.

During a crash, who does OnStar Guardian app alert?

During a crash, the OnStar Guardian app will alert an OnStar Emergency-Certifed Advisor who can get in touch with First Responders on your behalf.

Is the OnStar Guardian app working if I don't see a notification on the top?

Once you log in to the app, it will resume its function in the background until you log out, even if you close the app.

Financing Options

If you wish to browse through our selection and explore the models equipped with OnStar, make sure to contact us to schedule a visit. You can also take advantage of the many excellent financing options through our Finance Centre, and we accept trade-ins to help you save further.