Onstar Technology - Emergency Service

By browsing our new inventory at Wheaton Cadillac, you will find many excellent models equipped with OnStar safety and security technology. If you are unfamiliar with this fantastic feature, you will want to contact us to schedule a test drive of a model that has it, giving you a better idea of how it can benefit you and your family members.

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OnStar Guardian App Emergency Services Explained

The OnStar Guardian app is meant to extend the OnStar protection to you and your family members while outside your vehicle or when travelling in someone else's. Once you have the app on your smartphone device, you will have access to Emergency Services such as medical emergencies or personal safety. In the case of medical emergencies where you might not know what to do, press the red button on the app's home screen. By doing so, you will get in touch with an Emergency-Certified Advisor who can provide verbal medical assistance while also providing First Responders with your location. As for personal safety, you can press the red Emergency button in the app to have an Advisor send assistance to your location or stay on the line until you reach a safe location.


Does pressing the red Emergency button call 911?

Pressing the Emergency button connects you with a well-trained advisor that can contact help for you.

How can I get help if I don't know where I am?

Through the use of GPS, the OnStar Advisor will find your location and send help.

When should I use the Emergency button in the OnStar Guardian app?

Pressing the Emergency button should happen whenever you are uncertain of what to do in a crisis or emergency. It can connect you with police, fire, medical help. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 directly.

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