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How to Use Super Cruise

SuperCruise FAQ

Super Cruise is a hands-free driver-assist program that can make things much more convenient for you. It can make adjustments to your speed and steering to keep you moving safely and efficiently. Below, you'll find answers to several questions that commonly come up.

How do I disengage Super Cruise?

Press the Super Cruise button or press the brake pedal. If you take control of the steering wheel and press down on the brake, Super Cruise and adaptive cruise control will both disengage.

Why isn't Super Cruise working?

There are several reasons why it may not be working. Note that it needs the Wi-Fi hotspot to be turned on and the Teen Driver program to be turned off. Super Cruise won't work if you're not on the appropriate type of highway, you're driving faster than 137 km/h, your foot is on the brake, the sensor is blocked by snow or other debris, and if the vehicle can't find the lane lines. For it to work safely, the vehicle needs to be able to see clearly.

Who can service my Super Cruise system?

Bring your vehicle to an authorized GM dealer for service, as they have technicians trained to work on this type of system.

Will Super Cruise change lanes for me or steer to avoid any impediments on the road?

Yes and no. First of all, with the Lane Change on Demand feature, Super Cruise can change lanes for you when prompted. However, it cannot steer to avoid construction zones or other objects in the road. Additionally, you'll have to steer to merge, exit, turn, or stop for a traffic control device or crossing traffic.

How does Super Cruise know how fast to go?

You can set the desired speed with adaptive cruise control. Otherwise, it will maintain the speed at which you are travelling when you engage the system.

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