When To Change Car Air Filters

When To Change Car Air Filters

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Why & When To Change Air Filters

Air filters trap debris and purify air to help your vehicle function better, and you will find air filters in various systems of your vehicle. You can find a cabin air filter that works to enhance air quality inside your vehicle's interior. Also, your vehicle has an engine air filter that stops anything but air from entering the combustion chamber. Few signs that it might be time to change your vehicle's air filters include the following:

Cabin Air Filter

  • Reduced airflow from the air vents.
  • More dust accommodation inside the cabin.
  • Odours remain within the cabin for extended periods.

Engine Air Filter

  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Worse or reduced engine performance.
  • Rough idle or acceleration due to poor air supply and fuel ignition.

Benefits Of Changing Air Filters

There are many benefits to keeping up with your vehicle's filters, allowing you to enjoy a reliable, comfortable commute. Changing the cabin air filter will allow you to breathe better inside the cabin and eliminate unpleasant odours. On the other hand, changing the engine air filter will help you benefit from better performance and fuel economy.

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